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Industrial Automation Services

Learn How Automation Intelligence Uses Robotics to Improve Your Bottom Line

Automation Intelligence can design and implement automated manufacturing systems tailored to your needs. From automated assembly to inspection, our industrial automation services can make your production line more efficient while maintaining a high level of quality.

Our Capabilities

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Automated Assembly

Assembly automation uses robotics systems to enable efficient manufacturing in a variety of industries to improve speed and precision.

Volume Manufacturing

Volume manufacturing offers scalability, cost savings, and high ROI. These systems are crucial for industries facing labor shortages.

Inspection & Testing

Automated inspection uses AI and robotics for quality and functionality checks in complex industries, improving efficiency, accuracy, and traceability.

Laser Applications

Automated laser tech enhances precision and efficiency in manufacturing by the use of cutting, welding, marking, and ablating with reduced heat.

Material Handling

Material handling automation improves efficiency, safety, and accuracy by using robotics and technology for reliable part and product movement.

Vision Applications

Vision automation uses AI and robotics for part inspection and tracking, enhancing quality, traceability, and efficiency in manufacturing.

Plastic Processing

Plastic processing automation enhances speed, precision, and safety in tasks like welding and molding, using robotics and vision for efficient manufacturing.

Robotics Integration

Robotics integration programs robots for tasks in operations, enhancing efficiency and precision with industrial and collaborative robots.

Welding Applications

Welding automation uses technology for safer, faster, and more efficient material joining, reducing cycle times, and labor costs, and improving consistency.

How Can Industrial Automation Services Benefit Your Business?

Industrial automation services revolutionize the way companies operate across various sectors, including manufacturing, automotive, and consumer products. By integrating advanced technologies such as robotics, vision systems, and artificial intelligence, these services offer a multitude of benefits, including:

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Industrial automation services from Automation Intelligence can revolutionize your production line. Contact us today to find out more about our solutions.