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Construction Automation Services

Construction Automation Services

Discover the future of building with our cutting-edge automation services tailored for the construction industry. Embrace the power of advanced robotics, vision-guided systems, and innovative automation solutions designed to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and safety across all your projects. From precise site surveying and material handling to automated quality inspections and bricklaying, our services are revolutionizing the way structures come to life.

Applications of Automation in Construction

Vision guided robotics and other automation technologies allow Automation Intelligence to increase efficiency in numerous construction processes:

Material Handling & Logistics

Robots equipped with vision systems can identify, sort, and move materials around a construction site, optimizing the supply chain and reducing manual labor. This application is particularly useful for transporting heavy or hazardous materials.

Quality Inspection

Vision-guided robots can inspect work done to ensure it meets specified standards, identifying defects or areas that do not comply with the construction plans. This automated quality control helps maintain high standards and reduces the need for costly rework.

Bricklaying & Masonary

Robots that can interpret visual data are being used to lay bricks and blocks, guided by 3D models. These robots can work faster and more accurately than humans, and they can work continuously, speeding up the construction process.

Concrete Pouring & Finishing

Automated machines with vision guidance systems can pour concrete and then level, smooth, and finish surfaces to precise specifications. This ensures uniformity and quality while saving time.

Installation Of Drywall & Panels

Vision-guided robotic systems can automate the placement and installation of drywall, panels, and other elements, ensuring accurate alignment and secure fitting. This reduces the physical strain on workers and increases the pace of construction.

Cutting & Fitting

Automated systems can precisely cut materials to size and fit them into place, guided by visual and spatial data. This precision reduces waste and improves the efficiency of the construction process.

Welding & Joining

In steel construction, vision-guided robots can perform welding and joining tasks with high precision, ensuring structural integrity and speeding up the assembly of steel frameworks.

Painting & Coating

Robots with vision systems can apply paints and coatings evenly and consistently over large areas, improving quality and reducing the time and materials used.

Examples of Automation in the Construction Industry

Automation Intelligence is able to provide manufacturers in the construction industry with automation solutions allowing them to speed up their production while improving quality and safety. Here are a few examples.

Prefabrication Of Building Components

Automated systems in plants can manufacture prefabricated building components, such as wall panels, floor systems, and roof trusses, with high precision and speed. Robotics and CNC machines cut, assemble, and finish these components before they are transported to construction sites.

Prefabrication Of Concrete Components

Automation technology ensures the precise mixing of concrete materials, followed by the automated pouring of concrete into molds for various structural elements. This process can include the production of precast concrete panels, beams, and columns, ensuring consistent quality and curing.

Structural Steel Fabrication

In plant settings, automation is used to cut, drill, and weld structural steel components. Advanced machinery can process steel beams and columns to exact specifications, ready for assembly on-site, improving both productivity and safety.

Window & Door Assembly

Automated lines produce windows and doors, handling tasks from cutting frame materials and glass to assembly and finishing. This ensures uniform quality and fit, crucial for energy efficiency and aesthetic consistency in construction projects.

HVAC Ductwork Fabrication

Automation in plant settings allows for the precise cutting, folding, and assembly of HVAC ductwork. This ensures that ducts fit perfectly, improving energy efficiency and reducing the need for on-site adjustments. 

Benefits of Automation in Construction

Automation in the construction industry brings a host of benefits that can significantly transform how projects are planned, executed, and delivered. Here are some of the key advantages:

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When it comes to automation in construction, you can trust the expertise of Automation Intelligence. Let us know about your company’s needs and find out how we can make your production faster, safer, and more profitable.