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Automotive Automation Services

Automotive Automation Services

Automation Intelligence has been helping automotive OEMs and suppliers increase their efficiency and bottom line with automotive automation. Find out how automation in automotive manufacturing can help your business increase efficiency, quality, and safety.

What is Automation in Automotive Manufacturing?

Automation enhances automotive production by integrating robots for efficiency, safety, and increased production. It’s used in welding, assembly, inspection, and testing, offering growth and safety for workers. With its adaptability and ongoing evolution, automotive automation opens up new possibilities for optimizing vehicle manufacturing processes.

Automotive Automation Solutions

In the automotive industry, automation is revolutionizing how vehicles are designed, manufactured, and assembled. From the intricate engineering of engine components to the precise installation of interior finishes, automation technologies are at the forefront of enhancing efficiency, quality, and safety. Here are a few applications where Automation Intelligence can help:

Powertrain Applications

Automation Intelligence provides a variety of solutions for powertrain applications, encompassing material handling, vision systems, conveyance, and robotics. Our offerings span from basic operator assist stations to completely automated production lines. These applications optimize efficiency and precision in assembling and testing powertrain components, ensuring high-quality output and performance.

Body Assembly Applications

Automotive body assembly automation streamlines tasks such as welding, material handling, and assembling auto body parts. This allows manufacturers to reduce labor costs and minimize rework, while enhancing quality and consistency through the integration of robotics, vision systems, and software. Additionally, we stand at the forefront of body shop design innovation, utilizing EPLAN and AutoCAD.

Paint & Seal Applications

Paint and sealer systems for automotive OEMs and tier suppliers can dramatically boost productivity and quality. Automation Intelligence can implement sealer applications such as interior and exterior seam sealer solutions.

Benefits of Automotive Factory Automation

Automotive factory automation offers numerous benefits that significantly impact efficiency, quality, and overall competitiveness. Here are some key advantages:

By leveraging these benefits, OEMs and suppliers can significantly improve their operational efficiency, product quality, and market responsiveness, securing a competitive edge in the fast-paced automotive industry.